Monday, 5 November 2012


One of the things I have wanted time for was to do a bit of refashioning. Actually I have a pile of things that aren't quite right. I have given several bags of things to charity that I know I won't be able to change or won't wear. But now I have a bit of time to do begin this pile.

The question was...where to start! So, finally I settled on this dress.

Which you may recall I made earlier in the year. Looks fine standing up. But when I sit down, I am very uncomfortable with how far above the knee it ends up. I got a brainstorm the other day. Rather than trying to think of a way to make it longer...just chop it off and wear it for a blouse.
Much better. I will try to get a photo wearing it tomorrow and will add it onto this post.

The rest of the day I was getting ideas for sorting out this cardigan I made from a remnant of t-shirt fabric. I originally copied a cardigan I already had.

Only there wasn't enough to do the sleeves on the lengthwise grain so I did them on the cross grain. I seldom work with knits and it wasn't till I tried to get it off and all the sleeve seams popped that I realised the stretch was not around the arm, but up and down. So, I used some old shoelaces to sew on the seam as stay tape. That was fine, but at the time, the sleeves still were quite too snug.

also I was trying to copy a refashion idea I saw where someone opened up a t-shirt into a cardigan and put lace on the edges. Their's worked...mine...well it was a bit too twee.

I dug it out of the cupboard thinking to chop it up and use it on something else. Well, in the meantime from making it, I have lost weight and the sleeves aren't snug! So, I have unpicked the lace and have been auditioning ideas for what to do instead. I still feel it needs a bit of something. I think I have found the answer, but as I had a meeting tonight, I will need to stitch it tomorrow and show then.

Do you ever revisit garments you have made? something isn't quite right and eventually you think of a way to go in and do something so you are more likely to wear it?

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