Sunday, 18 November 2012

And the bead goes on...Off? week 2

In the interests of full disclosure, this is what my bead area has been like all week....

Nothing has actually shifted except for getting out further possible fabric.

The questions in mind:
Is this becoming a chore? - what? after I managed one week! I do enjoy it when I get to it, but making 7 beads on a Sunday evening is not really doing a daily bead, is it?

I had a very busy week with unexpected events. Do I need something that would take even less time? Irene suggested using my plan B - buttons, on alternate weeks. This is a good possibility. But around the time I read her comments, my friend was already coming, so I didn't get a chance to set up a button plan. What do I sew the buttons to?

So, rather than sitting here doing 7 beads to show you. I will go sort out a button plan and see how I get on with it this week. How does 'And the button goes on...' sound?

Now I see why Kathy Loomis says to try it out first.

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Irene MacWilliam said...

Last week I found myself making paper beads while I manned our stall at the Creative Crafts Show here in Belfast. I was thinking of you as I made them. I was amazed at how interested people were in them. One woman went home saying I had made her day showing her how to make them. The beads looked so lovely that a few times since I have been making more of them as I watch TV.

Have you thought of making buttons from various materials to add variety to your task, I have made them from orange and lemon peel, you could cut them out of metal cans and plastic bottles,craft clay, cardboard etc to add variety to your project rather than feeling you have to sew a button onto or into something.