Friday, 7 January 2011

Where Little Dragons Play

When I was in America, I took the dragon journal quilts to show off.

The one I was not as pleased with was the quilt with the tree fungi that I 'redeemed' by putting some little dragons playing in them.

But add a little boy - (reading stories on another day while warming up from playing in the snow)

AND, the tree fungus/dragon story quilt became a popular piece with my little friend when we were hanging out in Grandpa's room. He had found a little felt Christmas mouse near the Nursing Home entrance. For a while the mouse ran up and down the sparkly Christmas trees out there.

But before long it found it's way into Grandpa's room. and soon, being somewhat quiet for a long time 'because the man next door is poorly and we don't want to disturb him' was beginning to wear thin. So, the little dragons were produced. and sure enough wanted to play with the little mouse who ran up and down the tree and hid inside the pockets with the little dragons.

What fun! and now I like that piece a whole lot more. I shall have to make a little mouse to hide in there for inquiring little boys to discover.

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