Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blog award!

So, I was going through the Featured Blogs on my sidebar today. (I find it easier to keep up with the ones I am interested in that way.)

I got to Linda McLaughlin's blog - Thru Linda's Eye's and discovered she had passed on a blog award to me!

It is the Liebster Award. The idea behind the award's beginning was for appreciation to be passed on to blogs with fewer than 300 followers as a way of giving back for the enjoyment you recieved from them. It started in Germany, and so the name - Liebster Award - which means "favourite."

The encouraging part for me was with Linda's comment that I was one selected 'because of the variety of work she does'. Sounds good doesn't it?

Sometimes I think anyone who reads this blog must think I am a bit all over the place! But honestly, if it involves textiles and sewing machines I am interested. So it is nice to find that someone enjoys the variety. It is much better than someone might say 'she is unable to focus!' My focus is broader than some I guess!

Anyway, Thanks Linda. Some of the blog award stuff is a bit sugary, but I value this one because it was totally unexpected.

And I am meant to pass it on to 3 - 5 others.

So, since the award has recently gone to a few others in my blog list like Margaret Cooter and Kathy Loomis I have had to think.

One is Sarah Wyman. She may almost just qualify since I notice her blog says a little over 200 followers. But I love her work. It is so like the mood of the Mona Lisa to me and I will buy something one day. But I also like the way she shows the progression of her work.

Another is Sarah Jacobs. I have only recently put the link in the side bar, but I have followed her blog for sometime. I like the way Sarah thinks outside the box and makes it up in her head (even cooking) like I do. I like how she embraces 'mistakes' to make them design features. I like how she tells stories with her textile work. I like how the meaning of what she believes flows through her work. I'd like to get a bit more of that kind of meaning into my work as well. okay...go there and see.

and the last would have to be Ruthie in Scotland. As she describes her blog, A Faerietale of Inspiration, 'It is an eclectic weave of creations from artists and designers near and far that inspire, amaze, intrigue and fascinate me'. If she hadn't done all the searching I wouldn't have discovered all the many wonderful artists and craftsmen who are able to put their imaginations into their work. and the thing is, Ruthie shows the images and lets them speak for themselves in such a way that you HAVE to go look and then discover what else the person has done.

I will do Jackie Morris, too. But I won't disturb her for she is on a very tight schedule for the artwork for her next book. I am still in a bit of awe that such a wonderful children's author-illustrator opens up her life for people like me to peer inside. I love it that she shows the struggles of actually sitting down to do the work. And in light of that, I don't want to take up any of her valuable time with having to pass on awards and things. But go look there too, okay?

I am not sure if I need to tell these people or let them discover it. What do you think?

PS I don't always reply back to a comment, but I read them all.

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