Tuesday, 18 January 2011

scanners and sketchbooks and dragons

So, I found out that if you try to get the scanner working and if you get to the point that you can't go any further....if you leave all the dialogue boxes open as to why what you tried to do has failed...and then you leave a "please will you - if you have time - see if there is a solution - I have left the dialogue boxes open" note for the resident computer expert when you go off to teach...and sign it I love you...
well, when you get back the scanner will scan to the computer and you even get a proper security programme installed. Phew!

So, I am scanning the photocopies of the Sketchbook. (If I had done this note thing last week, I could have scanned them straight in, you see. But you can't have everything.) Some of the writing is obviously too light for it to think about and it chops off the edge. So, I am tricking it with a strip of coloured painted paper I had lying about...like you do.

So, here is a link to some of the pages I showed so far.
And here is a look at a few more pages. I have reduced the size so as not to overwhelm the blog. I am hoping you can still click on these to read the stories. As I said before, some of the stories got edited some when I was writing them in the book.

If I can get my head round the pages bit of blogger, I will put them all on one page so they are all in one place.

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