Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Christmas AND Happy New Year

Well at long last I am here again. Very eventful 2 weeks!

The Saga of December

It took 24 hours to get from my house to my sister's house due to fog delays here and snow in mid-America which kept the plane from getting to NYC where we were making connections.

We saw dad, who was doing better, and had been moved out of ICU. But as he had been so ill, he was still very poorly. They moved him to back to his home town, and he opted for the nursing home to recover as it was more of a comfortable setting.

We had snow and met and played with my neice and her little ones. and spent several days going back and forth to visit dad.

We also fitted in a visit to UMO where my sister works and saw some of the research there some with paper making, some with windfarms, brige in a backpack and wood composites.

My dad's church already had a Christmas service scheduled at the nursing home for the Sunday, so we went to that. My dad was doing much better and was able to be at the service.
My mom sang 'O Holy Night'.

afterwards dad really enjoyed having the family hang out in his room.

And then we tried to come home Mon the 20th. But by then Europe was snowed in, so our flights were changed to Wednesday and in a different direction -changing in Detroit!

So, I had some much needed rest Mon while my son and nephew went out and about. I begged some scraps of fabric from my sister and was able to calm down some by starting December's journal quilt. On Tues, we went down to my niece on the coast so my son could meet her husband who serves with the Coast Guard there.

Repack and try to leave Wednesday, however... snow started building up on the East Coast so there were more delays. Eventually, we knew we would miss the connection. By then I wanted out of there! So, they reworked flights again. We eventually got off to Detroit, were put up at a hotel (arriving at 1am!) and after hanging about in the airport finally left about 4pm for Heathrow via Amsterdam! However, now we were given business class, so that was rather interesting.

When we got to England Friday morning - Christmas eve. We found the luggage was still somewhere else! So we went home and fell in bed. However, they did contact us on Christmas day, and my husband and son went to collect it. So, all the presents were presented in plenty of time.

Clothes were washed on Boxing Day and repacked to go to Yorkshire for the Snowden part of the Holiday. I am glad it was restful, for by now I had (have) a bad chesty cough.

We returned Thursday evening. and yesterday was spent doing more washing, resting and finishing up November's journal quilt. (I have been given and extension...thanks Hilary). I have written the story today. After I get the New Year's dinner going, I will finish December's journal quilt.

Photos and dragon stories coming soon.

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