Friday, 28 January 2011

Strange inspiration

So, here's a thing. Just to show that you can get inspiration from anything.
This morning I had an MRI.
from the internet

As I was warned, it was very noisy... sometimes very Noisy in one way and sometimes Very noisy in other ways. Even with headphones and classical music...but sometimes you couldn't hear the music. So, after a while of trying not to hurt but going numb because of trying to stay still while laying on a narrow metal bed, I needed some other sort of distraction.

I had told my sunday school children to think about me this morning when they were having their breakfast because that is when I was going to be in a sort of machine cave. some of them had seen an MRI shown on the telly. So, I tried to think how to describe to them what it was like when I see them again.

Some times the noise vibrated you so much it was almost like a chair vibrator gone wrong, but I didn't think they would know what that was. And suddenly I realised that sometimes it sounded like a giant using an electric toothbrush. and then I realised that Sometimes it sounded like the giant's washing machine was having problems with the bearings (and it might soon break.)

So, then I started thinking a story about the giant getting up in the morning to clean his teeth. I thought about how he had learned you had to clean your teeth because he had a bad tooth and a little boy helped him and told him if he didn't want to lose anymore teeth...I think he had only about 3 or 4 left... that he needed to clean his teeth. At present, I haven't worked out what they used to make a giant's electric toothbrush.

and then I guess he must have also been taught about washing his clothes so they don't smell, because he had also put on the washing machine and it was making loads of noise. Hey, maybe he had left some rocks in his pocket?

Anyway, the next thing I knew the lady was saying in my ear (through the head phones) that they only had 5 more min to go and they were going to move the table a little bit...I had gone to sleep!

So there you are. I will have to do something about the giant story in fabric sometime.

oh, I was in ALL the way feet first and nothing sticking out. I kept my eyes closed.

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