Thursday, 6 January 2011

keeping busy

So today I enlarged the corset pattern more - adding 10 inches width and 5 inches depth. I think it is more the size I envisaged.

Then I realised I better get cracking with finishing the Sketchbook Project, as it needs to be posted next week.

With much frustration at my computer running so slowly, I printed off a few more pages of images. The word document I set up for this has become unwieldy. I don't have time or know how for fixing it. but finally worked out if I use the keys to scroll up and down and so on rather than the mouse it takes rather less time instead of freezing on me.

I am not too happy with the way the colour printing turned out, but it will have to do. Perhaps they will look on the blog or try to see them in person.

I have cut them all to the shape to go into the sketchbook. I need to write the stories. I have been doing them by hand but if they aren't written by Tues, I will print the rest. So, head down for tomorrow on writing the stories.

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