Wednesday, 26 January 2011

jacket reworking

I have been working on redeveloping the fit of my jacket block. I need to teach jackets next year and I know I skimped on mine when I did it at college. Well, not really skimped, but we weren't required to do a tailored jacket. In fact, that was a 1 year course offered after I left. But for the City and Guilds Programme I am teaching, the jacket unit is called "tailored" jacket and a few of the techiniques are not anything I have done before.

So, as with most things that get a bit scary, I have been making a hurdle out of it. But recently an online sewing group wanted to meet regularly to actually sew. (and with all the many things I do I said OH, we could meet at the community centre near me! and so we are but anyway it is not that much extra work.) SO, at our last meeting I made up a toile/sloper from the jacket blocks I had from college. (only 2004, so shouldn't have been too many changes.) I never was too happy with the fit.

Alot of the ladies in the group are veteran jacket makers and were immeadiatly shocked at how much excess there was at the back of the sleeve. Well, you can't really sort that on your own. So, one lady pinned out the excess. 4 simmineaters (centimetres)from the back of the sleeve and also 4 from across the upper back!

So, as we are meeting on Saturday, I thought I better get with it on the stitching and trying on. and it is MUCH better. So I have redrawn the changes and made a new pattern. and now to cut out a new toile/sloper to see if they think any more adjustments need to be made.

Results for confidence? Well, I am much happier about the tailored jacket idea now that I have a jacket pattern that will look nice on me!

and I met with one of my collegues at college who showed me some of the bits she is covering for her tailored jacket unit for her C+G course, which has made things like "what is a sleeve roll anyway?" much clearer.

I think I can do this.

Okay. I sort of have to because of a big project I have been asked to be involved with and I have set the goal for me to make a jacket as one aspect of the project.

Do you have to set goals and arrange accountability for yourself when you have let something become an overwhelming hurdle?

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