Thursday, 13 January 2011

Image Transfer

The recent post through from Cloth Paper Scissors about image transfer was timely, as it was the technique for last night's session in the Machine Embroidery class.

We tried a few different transfer media - one I got some time ago from one of those free catalogues you get through the door. A Dylon transfer medium, and Mod Podge, which I read could also be used.

We also used a technique for drying that I learned when I did my City and Guilds in college. Instead of drying the image with the medium on it, you lay it onto the fabric and rub it in. Then you layer it with baking parchment and press it with an iron on wool setting. you should also turn the piece over and press as well. The heat dries/cures the transfer medium and you can proceed with the bit about getting the paper wet and rubbing it off.

Here is a bit of what went on.

Applying the medium
beginning the rubbing
continuing the rubbing
but not too much!
and you get some images like these...

I love how some students can take instructions from someone who is not good at simple and who some find a bit vague about results ( They often hear. 'Well, try it, see what will happen.'and 'That might work, why don't you try it?' or 'I don't know, it depends, really. what do you think?')
anyway some take those sorts of things from me and still manage to come up with something quite simple and just right!

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