Saturday, 15 January 2011

Firestorm Feline

So, no online replies, but my friend said she liked Firestorm Feline for a name for the Wild Cat. By the time I discussed it with her, I had changed my own mind and was leaning to that one, too!

I think it also lends itself to a story, although after completing the Sketchbook, I am a bit storied out. However, I think the cry of the Firestorm Feline is used as a defense as it brings on a Firestorm. Fairly logical I think.

Anyway, I am VERY excited by this one!

(reworked image)
I realised the 2 ears looked like one and the 'bump' on the forehead looked like a misplaced ear, so I did a bit more shading with my drawing pens. The lighting is better, too.
(original image)
While most of my creatures are rather benign under it all, I have a feeling the Firestorm Feline has not got much that isn't Very Scary. I expect there is someone who will come along and find a good side, but I don't think I will spend too much time at present trying to find out who it is. - Probably a princess...(I said I am not going there!)

So, I think I have most of the dragons/fire creatures out of my head that were clambouring. I have a couple major projects I have to start focusing on now.

Mind you, there is a lady dragon who is about to go out shopping who is very sketchily drawn who keeps surfacing on my table. So, maybe she can be a bit of light relief from the big projects in a couple weeks.

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