Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wild Cat

A while back when I did the Fire Creatures in my dragon series, I thought about doing a cat. I am not a cat person, but I was thinking how it would be to do other Fire Creatures.

Eventually I did a sketch which I liked. It is more Wild Cat than House Cat.

I was looking forward to stitching it, but it was too big for the CQ journal quilt size. I was reminded that I had been invited to submit something to a journal quilt competition put on by Mimram Quilters in Hertfordshire. The size they want is A4. This will work for this image.

So, today I thought I would get down to it.
Here is where I have got to with the stitching and cutting out. I have placed it against the background fabric I am going to use.

I will quilt the background and then stitch the image onto it. Part of stitching it on will be to add more shading and depth.

I am really quite pleased with it. It has been a full day of stitching, but it was a joy to do.

I have a few name ideas I am considering.
'Firestorm Feline'
'Wild (or Raging) Inferno Cat'

Leave a comment if you think you like one more than the other. I have one I am leaning towards, but not being a cat person, I am not sure I like it or not.

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