Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fire Creature

I have been working on the fire creature I showed the other day. Although I worked on it while I demoed outdoors at Caversham Court, it was a bit too cold to work at it continuously. I did get alot of comment about it thought.
I finished the thread painting and then cut out the head and appliqued it to the background on Monday. Today I have been quilting it, but I will show you tomorrow when I have got the binding finished and the story worked out in my head.
Funnily enough, I started the other fire creatures off to be dragons, but they wanted to be fire creatures. (Fire Wolf and Lava Dog Retriever) Now, this one was started to be a fire creature, but seems to want to be a dragon.

I think it is an Ancient and Wise Dragon, but I am still finding out just why he has fire butterflies round his head. I think they have something to do with sending messages of wisdom or methods of communicating ideas. on the other hand, they may not be important at all.

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