Sunday, 18 April 2010

Primroses and AGMs

Yesterday I was out and about all day. I went into London for the Contemporary Quilt AGM.
I took the camera, but the only thing I took photos of were these primroses on the bank at Bracknell train station.
I am quite pleased with the photo, as I was right across on the other side of the track. I put the camera on the long view...landscape as opposed to automatic...and then zoomed in. Apart from the crispness, it looks like I could have been standing near by using the macro setting.

I really enjoyed putting faces to names at the AGM. It was good to hear the discussions. Several people also came to offer their help with the Coffee Morning at the Festival of Quilts that I am meant to organise.

After lunch, Anne Smith, 2009 winner of the Quilt National exhibition, talked about her work. It was fascinating. I got some insight to a way of working and a style of quilt art that I am not naturally drawn to. It was interesting to learn that her quilts are around 5 to 6 feet in size, but her studio is actually quite small! Anne's fabric pallete is made up of fabrics from clothing she collects from charity shops and jumble sales. Most of the fabric is from children's clothing, and the resulting colours give a bright cheerfulness to the quilts.

You can see some of the quilts and even a photo of Anne in her studio at this blog.

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