Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fire Creature

Today I started the Journal Quilt for March. I wasn't quite sure where I would head, but there are 2 things I am exploring (besides Dragons and Fire Creatures). I am trying to explore just what I can do with thread painting - how to avoid some of the issues I have had with it previously. I have also been looking at colour a bit differently. At the moment, I have been doing complementary colours (well, with a bit of artistic license if a thread has another accent colour in it.)

In Jan I finished the purple and yellow dragon claw and Feb I did the green on red piece. So, this month it is the turn of orange and blue. At present, I am having the warm colour in the background and the dragon is in the cooler colour.

And here is a bit of a start. I was going to start something using inspiration from a Dover Dragon book, but then I thought, No, I really enjoyed finding those Fire Creatures in the fabric, so I would see what was there today! Not sure what the story will be, but who knows!

What I did learn is that although in the past I avoided orange, I think I have been using it more and more. I have used the little orange fabric I had, except this batik with butterflies. (I think they will have to be turned into flames somehow!) and I only have orange rayon embroidery thread left! I shall have to remedy that when I have been paid this week. :)

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