Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I was able to begin work on the Merdragon today. I am quite pleased at the amount I accomplished, as I had most of the day to work on it. Tomorrow I will finish stitching it to the background, trim it and add more detail along with some quilting. I have been trying out various colour combinations to see how one colour can make another colour "pop".

I am very late on the Fast Friday challenge again this month, which was about under the sea. But I have been planning to have this fit both schemes, especially as it also included threadwork. The background print already represents coral. I bought it to make a fun blouse. I think taking this small piece from a corner won't mean I have to scrimp if I ever get round to doing the blouse.

I was also able to put the zip into one of the skirts I started during the holiday. Sometime back I thought I might be able to take an idea from Somerset Banks and do something like 30 minutes a day (out of my sewing time) on garments for me. That never came to anything since I am generally a right out straight sort of person. However, I think if I manage to have a cutting out day, and get several items cut out, then I can do a few seams here a zip there, and so on. Today it worked because I did the zip first, and was able to put it aside because I wanted to work on the dragon more.

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