Saturday, 24 April 2010

Rudbeckia - Brown Eyed Susan

After I finished the dragon yesterday afternoon, I had a look at the new challenge for Fast Friday.
The challenge theme: is Flower Children: either developing some new 'flower child' similar to the book OR relating to the 'flower children' of the 60's OR, better yet, some inspiration of your own which incorporates one of the basic ideas of the theme.
Colors should be cheerful. No dark, dismal colors, gray or grayed shades.
Techniques should be dimensional, either by inference or in reality. A 3-dimensional sculpture might be the outer limit; the inner limit being a shading to create depth.

Straight away I had a good idea. I finished the petals for the flower by tea time and the rest by bed time! Wow, that makes a change!

I thought I would base the child on one of my Sunday School children...all of them are from African countries. Then I remembered brown eyed susans, and it all came together.

I had just enough golden fabric for petals left from making a sunflower cushion some time ago. I also had some swatches of a fuzzy sort of fake leather, so used a brown to machine stitch and colour in a little face. I stuffed the middle and then mounted it on a wooden dowel.
The braid on the outside has been caught down with gold beads. It is meant to look a bit like this photo.

Hard to photograph to get the true bright golden fabric and still see the little face.

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Kris Bishop said...

Sandy, I love your 3-D black eyed Susan. I'm an avid quilter and gardener.

K. Bishop