Thursday, 29 April 2010

beaded bracelet

Today it was my turn to make something in a workshop at the library. Lisa ran a workshop on beaded bracelets today, so I went along.

and here is my bracelet! I can do beading, but haven't done much with the findings at the ends. So, that experience was helpful.
oops I see I missed one of the silver dividing beads.

I also met a 90 year old lady who stopped by the table, interested in the beads. She told us she used to work in an atelier near Bond Street in London, doing tambour work.  I was very excited as this is something I would like to learn. So, I am to get a support frame and contact her and she will show me how to do it! I think I could work it out from a book, but if you want to learn the best way, you may as well learn from someone who was trained in the industry!

okay, loads of exclamation points there... I guess I am excited about it. :)

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