Tuesday, 20 April 2010

papyrus and dragonish ideas

On Saturday, the Contemporary Quilt AGM in London was not very far from the British Museum. Even though I had been there a few weeks ago, I decided to pop into the museum shop before heading home.
When I had been there previously, I noticed they had small rolls of papyrus. I got 2, thinking they might be interesting to incorporate into a piece of work. After coming home, I decided it would be good to have a few more, and then I could do even more with them...what ever they decide they want to be.

I had also missed where the postcards were located, so Saturday, I looked a bit futher and picked up a few that for some reason or other I thought would give inspiration for dragon shapes, textures, etc.

Today I have been running around helping a certain lad who had a severe allergic reaction to the tree pollen or something last evening when he went for a run. Halfway into the run, his eyes became swollen. When I got home from teaching, he could barely see through slits! My husband got him some antihistimines. He was starting to see a little this morning, but we thought it would be best to go see a doctor. With another prescription, it is a lot better tonight. He needs to be recovered for an interview on Saturday.

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