Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wendy House -inside

As I already had the pieces cut to do the inside of the Wendy House, I decided to do quick painted bits to stand for the section of the inside of the house.

So, after I zigzagged over the edges of the outside scene for this panel, I painted a dining room. The paint is drying, and then I will outline the pieces in black...sort of cartoon like. I may put a vase of flowers on the table.

At this stage, I am not being fussed about scale. It is about giving something for the children to use for their imagination to take off from. I am not being extremely precious about going over the edges of the fused bits outside either. It is not about an award winning piece of art, but a functional cover for a table for the children to play under. I don't even think I will do anything to the walls, inside or outside, to make them more realistic. I have far too many other projects to do!

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