Thursday, 15 April 2010

Here I am!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth!
I was having more and more problems with my computer, and at last my son declared I needed my operating system upgraded. (after being asked too often to help me work out how to sort what was wrong.) So, I turned the computer over to the resident masters and now it has been sorted. Well, it didn't take that long, but I decided to use the holiday I am having from college as a proper holiday, and took a long break.

I have not been idle. I have been reading, but I have been sewing, too.
I have been doing a bit of sorting in my studio (you wouldn't know to look at it, but it has to do with what was going on in the cupboards...or starting to go on outside of the cupboards because things weren't returned.)

3 basic skirt patterns have been determined to fit, fabric found in the stash, cutting out has been done, and sewing up has started.

batik - 8 gore, linen - 4 panel, gabardine - A-line

Also, I am nearly finished with the Staffordshire Hoard piece which has been on hold for some time.

I have been doing admin for the Thames Valley Contemporary Group and for the Coffee Morning I am to organise for the national CQ group at the Festival of Quilts this summer.

And I have started a Merdragon...based on a seahorse, of course. But it is not ready to show yet.
So, it has been a good break!

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