Friday, 16 April 2010


Over the holiday, I also bought some fabric for some of the projects I am working on. Perhaps not an occasion to be marked for some, but I rarely buy fabric. Well, apart from lengths of calico, habotai silk, silk organza and other natural fabrics which I rust dye or do other things to. I have had a lot of fabric of various types given to me over the years, and I generally make do with what I have.

However, the Wendy House project stopped while I have been trying to track down a dog for the dog house. Also, the last dragon project revealed I have no orange and very little red or golden yellow. If I am to do dragons, I need those! I never used to use oranges and yellows, but having done some of the exercises with the Fast Friday group, I have learned where I can use them.

So, anyway, a trip to the fabric stall in the market did not turn up a dog, but did turn up a few fat quarters of red and red-orange. Eventually I found some dogs from Cotton Patch on the internet (I generally don't do internet orders). While looking, I saw their bargain fabrics had some red, orange and yellow, so that went onto the order, too.

Now I am all set for finishing the Wendy House and making dragons...although the next one planned hasn't got fire colours at all!

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