Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Lava Dog Retriever

So, I found out the dragon creature is a Lava Dog Retriever pup. He loves to play alongside the small dragons when they are being trained. As he grows older, he will be an especially useful companion to the dragon trainers when the dragons are being trained to carry items in flight. He will happily join in the game to search for and retrieve the items which they have dropped in the lava fields.
This Lava Pup is a bit silly like most pups. He has just been running at speed through the cooking fires trying to catch the sparks, causing the cook endless trouble as he gets underfoot. Every so often the cook tosses one of the hot coals as far as he can throw it and the Lava Pup races off to find it. However, he doesn't always bring it all the way back, which can cause problems if he leaves the hot coal where it will get stood on or where it will catch something alight!

When the Daughter of the Dragon Lord comes back from school and has changed into her fireproof leathers, she will take him off to play fetch and have a bit of a rough and tumble. He thinks it is a bit of fun, but it is also part of his training...both the fetch part and the rough and tumble... for he will have to learn to deal with some of the dangers that can lurk in the lava fields.

Doesn't he look like he would be fun to play with when you get home from school?

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