Friday, 13 November 2009

Fund Raiser - 3

I am trying out a few ideas of things to make for the charity Christmas Boutique.

Here are a few tree decorations. The thing is, if I am going to make enough for the day and with my current schedule, they can't be complicated.
The middle one is turned... too fiddley.

You may not be able to tell from the photo, but all are stitched with beads, etc. Elegant, but really too time consuming. I have started a few more with thoughts of using dimensional fabric paint. If it were some high class Christmas fair, I would do the beads. But as it is a charity event, the people who come are not likely to be expecting to pay prices that would reimburse your time. It is the small coins that go to make up the amounts in these instances.

I will show you the next lot when I have them done. Because I am just pinking the edges, I am drawing round my template onto doubled fabric with chalk, leaving a little bit of a gap between. Then I am stitching round each tree on the piece of fabric, and cutting them out with the pinking shears. I leave the bottom of the base open for stuffing.

I am not a great one for making loads of one thing, but I have a selection of quilting cottons, some in not-to-predictable greens and reds and golds. It gives a bit of interest and somewhat of a reason to buy because they are different...I hope.


Sue said...

How about a spritz of gold paint instead of more typical beads or fabric paints? I used this last year on snowflakes for the care facility bazaar, and they went well.

Sandy said...

That sounds like a good idea, Sue. When I make up the next ones, I will try it.

Thanks for the comment!