Saturday, 14 November 2009

Featured Blog

I haven't done a featured blog for some time. I was running out of interesting ones who posted regularly!

Anyway, one of the blogs I have a look at fairly regularly is 5 Orange Potatoes. Like the Magic Onions, it is an interesting blog about the sorts of things Lisa does with her 2 daughters. Very crafty nature type things and most are not childish at all. There are a lot of interesting things you can do with herbs and flowers. Fascinating.

So, the reason I wanted to tell you about it is that I am not the only one who enjoys the blog. 5 Orange Potatoes has been nominated for the Best Unschooling Blog 2009! If you go over to 5 Orange Potatoes and think you like it, too, then follow the link for Best Unschooling Blog 2009 and go vote for her! When I did, I saw she was at the top!

And here is one of the many learning things we used to do with our boy back in the day.
It is great to have a kid who loves to learn. You learn allsorts with him!


5orangepotaotes said...

Sandy, what a sweetheart you are! Thanks for the vote, the nice words, and sending people to vote for me! I really appreciate it.

Love the photo of your son. I just got a picture of my oldest and my sister trapped in the same sort of thing when we visited Williamsburg, virginia. My oldest actually started freaking out from feeling trapped. I think she got a good sense of the punishment!

Thanks again and have a good day (or is it closing in on evening over there?).


Sandy said...

Thanks Lisa!
our son is now at university learning complicated things like Physics and Maths! He is like his dad in that way.

But he loves adventure, too, and goes running, mountain climbing and much more.

He still does use a bit of the creative side.Somewhere he picked up a desire for well made clothing1 hmm. only problem is for him, he thinks it means expensive. but I think he is learning now with having to budget more.

hope you win the voting.