Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Greyscale Student work

Way back here I tried to work out the best way to do a greyscale using dyes which would work in my C+G classroom session.

I opted for a 4th version of the experiments I did then, which was to put strips of white fabric (reserving one for pure white!) into the jar of black dye. Then we set the timer and at 15 min intervals, we pulled a strip out and put it in a plastic cup, so it could be taken home and rinsed out. When they are all sorted, we will divide them up between the students.

Today I rinsed out the strips. I realised the dye struck so quickly, that the first piece was already too grey to be the next step after white. So, I did a few to fill in that end...1 - dipped in quickly and rinsed out. 2 - left 5 min. 3 - left 10 min. (and so no.4 was our initial number 1, done for 15 min.)

Because we only had 2 1/2 hours for class, the last ones were not as black as should be, so I also put in a strip for 3 hours and another for 4+. This dye doesn't produce a black as dark as I would like, so that is why the 4+. (This strip is actually the 2 shorter ones in front.)

The difference between each one is very subtle. I think if I were to do it again, I would set the timer for something more like 20-30 min after the intitial 4 as mentioned above. And possibly then after doing no.8, I would then set the timer for an hour each time.

But, anyway, we have a greyscale, and it is not too bad. And if it were different, there wouldn't have been as much student activity with setting the timer, putting gloves on, taking a strip out, etc. I'm not worried that they didn't do the rinsing...which takes ages!... because they did the rinsing on the colour scheme pieces they did some weeks back.

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