Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sample - Waistband faced with Petersham

Next week we are working on waistband samples in the City and Guilds Fashion Course. In the older version of the programme, a straight waistband was sufficient for a sample. But now, there are a few more requirements, depending on which type of skirt or trouser you choose to do. So, I worked on the steps to make a waistband faced with petersham. There are directions in the Reader's Digest Complete Book of sewing. It is a very useful technique if you have a heavyweight wool like the one above. The bulk is much less, because instead of self facing, you use petersham. It also helps to give a firm waistband that doesn't crumple and stretch. I like petersham in my waistbands anyway, so I think this is a good idea.

When I do a sample, I usually do most of the steps, but leave part of the work undone so that you can look and see what happened before the finishing. (As it is a sample, I didn't fuss about matching the side seams.)

I want to try another sample for a shaped faced waist from the book. It looks interesting as they do a bit of machine pad stitching when applying the interfacing to the facing. This gives it a bit of body, and helps it to stay firm on the body. The skirt then floats somewhat freely on it's own.

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