Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Celtic Dragon-finish

And here is the completed Celtic Dragon. I thought I would try out echo quilting. I haven't done much of that before. The varigated golds and beiges on the edges really worked well, because the lightest of the beige actually reads as if it were a similar colour to the colours on the dragon. In real life, the visual play between the two almost makes the border vibrate.

Next on the agenda, besides preparing for next week's Craft @the Library, is finishing off some of the EquilARTeral challenges before I get too far behind.


Linda Robertus said...

Wow, it is gorgeous! How big is the quilt?
I love it!

Sandy said...

Hi Linda,
this is one of the journal quilts I have been doing with the Contemporary Quilt group challenge this year. The size is 6in x 12in.
However, it probably would look good made up larger.

Thanks for your comment!