Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanksgiving from afar

Being in a different country to where Thankgiving is celebrated means that it is difficult to do it justice on a Thursday. So, we generally do something about it on the Saturday following. And this year, our son decided to come back for the weekend, so it was worth cooking the enormous feast because there would actually be someone to eat it!

Our meal doesn't resemble the meal my family in Maine has. For a start, my British husband never could get his head round eating sweet stuff in the main Baked Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows that my grandmother used to make - we have sweet potatoes in their natural sweetness. Still good! and we miss out the Lime Party Salad my mother makes using Jello. Well, I do make that at Christmas to take to my sis in law's house, but as I can't get powdered Lime jelly, I do orange and it is served as a less stogy pudding alternative to Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake or Mince pies after the meal! There are other various differences and a few similarities, but after over 22 years, it is our own AngloAmerican tradition now.

So, that all means, I was stood in the kitchen most of the day yesterday, and flopped in the evening. Sorry if you missed me! :-)

Anyway, besides 2 pumpkin pies (one for the freezer for Christmas) I made some Pumpkin cookies. The recipe I have is called Pumpkin Chip Cookies, and is attributed to a friend from my teen years. Probably came from her family. This year I haven't got choc chips, but I did have dried cranberries, so I thought I would try them. They are actually very good. I almost like them more than the Pumpkin Chip. Actually, the colours look better together. (ever the artistic eye!) So, what shall we call them? Pumpkin Cran Cookies?

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