Thursday, 12 November 2009

Candles and Fleece

Not really connected, but here is what I went into town in the rain for today.

Candles for next week's workshop for Crafts @the Library and fleece for Christmas presents.

I am real chuffed with the fleece. I was going to get it at Tesco where I had found the lowest priced fleece throws for about £2.50 or so. You couldn't get the yardage for that!
However, there were only 2 designs I thought would be suitable for what I want to make (secret!).
But, when I went to another shop for dried cranberries, I saw that Bentalls (the posh shop). Has a shop where they are selling reduced items...maybe a credit crunch idea? Any way, they had these packs of 2 fleece throws for £5.95. Although, the price comes to a bit more, the colour choices are better. I can do alot of mix and matching. The leftovers from the Christmas presents will be used for the January workshop for Crafts @the Library.

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