Sunday, 15 November 2009

Busy Day

Saturday was a bit busy. My husband had several men from our church round for breakfast.

I did not get up and do it, though I used to several years back when he was doing something similar. He really enjoyed making Caravaner's Pie...a recipe given to me by our former neighbour, who we still call "Clare Nextdoor". It is basically a full cooked English Breakfast cooked in the oven.
In a buttered oven dish... layer, Mashed Potatoes or (cubed and cooked if you are short on time). grated cheese, eggs (just cracked open over the other layers), bacon slices, sliced tomatoes, and a bit more grated cheese. Bake in the oven for 40 min to an hour depending on how much you have made. Clare says, don't use tinned tomatoes instead...her friend called it Roadkill pie when she did that!! LOL I am thinking you could actually get some mushrooms in there and have the real "full-cooked English".

There were several other things he made, including a blueberry muffin mix, etc. The men throughly enjoyed it. I stayed in bed! Good excuse for a lie in! (well, till the dog - who was banished out of the kitchen to the lounge - cried so much my husband brought her up to the bedroom. She was fine for about 5 min. So, much for going back to sleep! She thinks she has to be there when you are eating.)

Anyway, when they had gone, I tucked in to what was leftover. Then popped into town to the haberdashery stall in the market for petersham and some other bits for class on Monday.

And when I got back, I went with my friend to South Hill Park Christmas Fair...

which is why I started this post! among the interesting things we saw were some pots made by Lauren Denney from Caversham. The ones that attracted us are not on the website. They had small holes near the top through which Lauren had sewn buttons! and some with slots that she had threaded ribbon through and tied.

When we had finished looking round and had a cup of tea, we decided to go back. She had a few small ones without buttons so you could make your own. As I have plenty of unusual buttons, I am looking forward to showcasing them on the pot.

Here is a photo of the one I got, next to her card, showing one of the pots which already has a button. Mine has a place for 2 buttons...hmm which ones?

Lauren is selling more of her work at the All I want for Christmas event at the Caversham centre for New Directions. My friend is going to go along to that event to purchase one of the larger vases with buttons.
Oh, I just found a photo of one of the button pots.

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Lauren Denney said...

look forward to seeing the pot with your button selection on. thanks for the mention.