Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tactile Textiles 2

What a great day! The ladies all were the sort that you explained something and they just got stuck in and did it. And what was even better, they said "What If?", and came up with things to try, different fabrics to try it on, etc. They got excited about potential possibilities, and came up with new ideas for me to discover!

In the photo above the purple sample is about trying the shrink texture technique (shown
here using a grid) but instead of doing squares or diamond shaped grids, one lady suggested circles. So that set my mind off on one! Like I am known to do! I started out to do circles and ended up with ovals first. We were discussing trying to stich round the circle to make the centre pop when the shrinking takes place. I was just playing, so the actual stitching could be greatly improved. but the idea does have it's possibilities. However, I was thinking that if you stitched circles, and then cut away the foundation fabric all round the outside of the circle, that it would work. didn't.

The other sample was something I had them do on the spur of the moment when I realised I only had enough tools to do 2 bubble texture techniques at a time. So the 2 not doing it did this technique. (Which I will admit I discovered from a "mistake" when I was trying to do something else too fast!! It is a technique that is used elsewhere though.)

Basically you have your stitch length the longest you can get it. Then you stitch lightweight fabric fast, but you don't let it flow smoothly out behind the foot. Instead, you put your finger there causing it to bunch up...but not all in one wadge...and let it go alot more slowly. When you pull it all out from under the machine, you have a ruched stitch without having to draw up the threads yourself. I was quite surprised at the delight expressed by the ladies when I showed them. They quickly rushed off to try it! It is a bit unpredictable as to the rate it will gather, but if you do several lines in a row, it looks quite nice. For instance on random sections of a scarf?

So, now I am shattered. The one thing I regret? I meant to get photos of the ladies and their samples and forgot!! Maybe if they read this, they will take some photos and send them to me to post. Please?

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