Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Timely Presents

Another bag I made from the bag challenge was this one from 3D bow tie blocks. A bit out of my comfort zone...I am not really a patchwork person. I decided to use colours one of my sisters likes. We have a large family, so each year for Christmas, you gift a different person. It was my year to gift her and her husband.

Last week we found out she was very poorly. The bag arrived yesterday just as she was preparing to go in hospital for treatment. She loves it and used it to pack her bits and pieces. I am waiting to hear how she is getting on.

I am really glad I made the bag.

The teaching training course is finally over for this term (even though we are already being given assignments for the next part of the course!). So, hopefully I can get reacquainted with my sewing machine tomorrow. There is a growing collection of UFO's to get to! I am still doing the Handmade pledge, although, like some, I have had to amend that to allow buying books. How could you do any gifting in our house without books involved? I haven't had time for sewing things, yet, but I am baking things to give, so that makes a change.

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