Friday, 12 December 2008

Recycled Christmas Gift

I wanted to show you a cool bag I use for projects on the go. Last year my mother-in-law gave me a little case with "smellies" in it. Nice hand cream, etc. However, the washcase/make-up bag or whatever it was meant to be really caught my eye.
I love the sequin pattern on the front, and inside there are zippered pockets which are just right for small projects to take with you on holiday or wherever. You can see into them and know what you have. But, for instance, if you have beads and needles, you also know that if they escape, they won't go all over when you first open the bag.
The whole thing zips round like a suitcase, so you can actually lay things in the centre, as a small sketch book. The fact that you can open it right up helps with the part about seeing what you have. With many other tote bag styled carriers, you find you have to dig around in the bottom to see what is there, or pull everything out.

So, if you get this sort of thing this Christmas, you will be all set up for a projects on the go bag!

Today I went to suss out the layout of the Great Hollands library for the Christmas boxes workshop tomorrow, since I haven't been there before. It looks good! This time the library will be open while the workshop is going on. So, instead of putting little decorations on top with the glue gun, we are going to use double-sided tape. Perhaps some parents will want to make a box with their kiddies!

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margaret said...

That'a a very useful bag - worth buying without the smellies. I'm always carrying projects around in unsuitable containers and getting in a mess. There's something about the clear plastic that is perfect for a project bag!