Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas "Toy Run" 2

Just to give you an idea of the size of the Toy Run! Can you imagine all the bikes roaring through Reading!! And look at all the Father Christmases! I love the pink angel wings on the one lass in the foreground.These are photos Niki took while they were there. I sent her the ones I took, and she sent some back. She said I could post some here. They also went to the run with our friend Mike (with the beard) who has also been going for several years.

I will be busy tomorrow preparing a microteach for my teaching training course on Tuesday evening, so I guess two posts today can make up for none tomorrow. I will stop in for a minute on Tuesday to do Inspiration Tuesday, though. The microteach this time is on a topic involved with teaching, so although less prep for a making activity, there is more prep as I had never heard of the topic before I took the course!! It is about Continuing Professional Development. Like most things I have discovered, that is a fancy name for something common sense. It is just continuing to learn things about teaching and about your teaching subject which in turn helps you do be more professional.

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