Monday, 24 November 2008

More Texturised Fabrics

Here are a few samples for the Tactile Textiles 2 workshop I will be doing on the 11th December. I have done things with the velvet here and here. But I am very impressed with the crepe back satin. Perhaps I will do something with it someday! I also tried a few other fabrics with this technique, but didn't have as much success. So, they can be "What Not To Do". Perhaps save them a bit of time trying it in the future!

Today I have been cutting card and wrapping paper for the Christmas Boxes workshop at the library. I am sure you know what cut paper looks like. I am glad my husband has a decent paper cutter!

Tomorrow is the teaching training class, so Inspiration Tuesday...and the next day is the workshop at the perhaps Thursday I will show a few more samples for Tactile Textiles.

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