Friday, 19 December 2008

Endless Cup of Friendship

I have been participating in the Journal Quilt Challenge with the Contemporary Quilt Group this year. Previously they did the A4 journals like the ones on the Quilt Art List. This year the challenge was 12" x 12".

Most of the other pieces I did this year were abstract - shapes and colours. I used pieces of an old wool blanket I got in a charity shop. I dyed the pieces different colours using Koolaid given to me by someone in America. Above is my December piece. The whole idea to do a series experimenting with the wool was because I wanted to explore dense thread painting on the wool. So, that is what I have done here. A lot of times I make myself leave the favourite idea to last. Do you ever do that?

I started with drawing shapes, but they turned into cups of tea/coffee floating in the sky. So, they began to stand for the time you spend with friends having a cuppa.

I guess I'm kind of needing friends at the minute. My sis is very ill. I am going to fly out there near the beginning of next week. We are looking at flights. (Actually the cups also looked a bit like luggages when they were turned sideways.) I'm also waiting to hear a bit more, but the doctor said that my sis in Alaska and I should go sooner rather than later.

So, the blog posts will be a bit sparse for a couple weeks.


Amy in Austin said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sister. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas.


Helen in the UK said...

Am a little behind on reading blogs and just saw this post about your sister. So sorry to hear she is unwell - hope you get a chance to see her soon. Will be thinking of you :)