Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas "Toy Run"

A photo of my husband and our friend Niki before they went off on the "Toy Run" today. Loads of bikers go up to Shire Hall in Reading and take a toy with them. Then the police shut the roads and they slowly ride through Reading to the Barnardos Home for orphans. It is organised by the Christian Bikers organisation. They have a short talk before all the bikers take off again.

This links to a feature about it last year. Toy Run

They usually dress their bikes up with tinsel, etc. Niki has been doing it for a lot of years, so this year she spent nearly 2 hours each night doing up her bike in wrapping paper! This is the first year my husband has gone. It meant he actually went into the loft and got down the Christmas stuff already! He was looking for the garland and stuff.

It was quite cold this year. We had very thick frost, and even by noon when they left, there were still some icy spots on the road. I told Niki she looks like the Michelin man. She had a Santa sack rucksack on as well.

Hope you aren't too cold.

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