Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dragon Claw

Here is my study of a dragon claw...attempting a close up and trying to ensure there is value to create depth, etc. I am very pleased with it! I did a sketch first, and then used the sketch as a guide to where I should have lighter and darker threads. As you can see, even though I had two layers of stabeliser, there is so much stitching, it really puckered the fabric. So, I will stitch round it onto wadding, which should take care of the puckers and will also help to have more of a 3D effect.

The first ring on the claw has a crystal bead "gem". The second ring when seen closer is a "band of stones" made of red fabric. The third ring is stitched with metallic and then a small pearl sewn on. The last ring is just metallics.

Even more than being pleased about the outcome is that I thouroughly enjoyed myself and was able to work on this all day. I have had so many bits and pieces lately that I haven't had any thing showing real evidence of completion...or is it that I haven't been able to work on something for sometime that gives me sheer pleasure?


Amy in Austin said...

I love it! Where did you figure out how to configure the fingers? I've been having trouble drawing my dragon claw for my doll - mostly because I'm trying to make the fourth finger opposable, similar to a bird's foot, I guess.
It's wonderful! Thanks for the visual treat.

Sandy said...

Hi Amy,
I was sort of thinking bird to start with, and then started looking at my hand for the tendons and I think it became a mixture of human and bird, which I think is what makes it work.

I also found that even if it is just the claw, when I put the rings on, it suddenly became part of a sentient being. You could begin to tell the dragon was a bit vain, etc.

When you get the doll done, I'd love to hav a look!