Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Studio

I thought you might like to see photos of my studio. Aren't all the cupboards wonderful? I have daylight simulation tubes in the lights. It is so special to be able to see everything! Besides, it is great for the grey days of winter.

  1. No.1 shows where I sew. The ladies (M'Lady and Mademoiselle) live behind the desk area where the sewing machine is. I swing my chair round and use the overlocker. The pile of stuff next to the machine is actually somewhat ordered. But every so often I have to dig around to find what I know is there. It is boxes of pins, zipper seal bags, gold and silver pens and quick unpicks, etc. Stamping things and spare sewing machines (which I sometimes loan out) live in the big space under the desk.
  2. No.2 travels left. I will replace the curtains soon (okay, maybe) so at present they are in dire need of being hooked back up. I shall have to do a daytime photo so you can see there is a patio door with lovely louvered blinds, which my husband put up when I was in Houston. There is a recessed area next to the door to the room, so the big office drawer file fits there without coming into the room. I don't really use it for files, but it is right full of painting type things. The microwave on top is reserved batching dyed things. It means I don't have to worry about dye chemicals in the kitchen microwave.
  3. No.3 going on around. There is the door which goes into the lounge. It doesn't latch so I frequently have my little black friend, Pepper, come in to see me. Then is the computer desk which would be more comfortable if I didn't have to angle to the left. I will have to rearrange things if I get a new printer. That one decided to quit.
  4. No.4 moves on. You see more of the huge wardrobe that was also in the last photo. I have costumes and other clothes I have made but don't wear regularly in the right side. The left has things that want fixing, and piles of fabric in the bottom which I have been given and that don't fit into the other cupboards. As you can see, the bookcase sticks back into the corner. this was a good idea in theory. But not so good in actuality. You can only see a small portion of books, so they begin to live other places once I have dug them out of there. The other cupboards all have their own types of fabrics or whatever in them. One day I will show you those...but not today. you can see the magazines and papers stuck in the cubby hole that is next to the other jumble near the sewing machine. I DO have to get busy and organise those.

I thought I better do this today while I had tidied in case my Tactile Textiles 2 workshop ladies come in here tomorrow!

PS I am not sure how to make it so you don't have to scroll up and down to see the photo and read the description. But think of it as excercise for your scroll finger (if you have that kind of mouse) or for your moue hand.


Helen in the UK said...

Your studio is great and looking VERY tidy. I don't think I've seen those tops completely clear before :)

Sandy said...

Ahem, well, yes.
I found the lid to the paint I told you about under the drawers bits that live under the big table. I was shifting some of the piles when I was talking to my MIL, and so I think I will probably find there are now some more lost things! like an A5 piece of work I made...I was nearly done with it too!