Saturday, 12 April 2014

Something on Saturday

Most of this last week we have been in Yorkshire. Visiting family and having a little break.

Holly is quite well behaved (unless she sees a cat - then she forgets every thing she has learned). So, we took her in to see my husband's mother who is in a home. We had our lunch in Mum's room instead of the dining room like usual, as we weren't sure how Holly would do. It took her a little while to get used to various bells and decorators with ladders painting the ceiling in the hall (!) But soon, she ignored it all as if it weren't there. (Sort of like she does me when my husband is at work! LOL)

This was just before we left.
Okay - looking at 'dad' to be sure this was alright.

On the way out, one of the ladies in the lounge room spotted her, so I took her in to say hello. She was sooo tender in getting next to the fragile ladies so as not to scare them. It was quite precious. But the lady who was more vibrant got the wiggle-delight response to her greeting which in turn delighted the lady. Even one 'new' lady who seems (from Mum's point of view) to be finding the change too much (understatement), got a little lick on her arm which she was quite pleased about.

These origami towel dogs greeted us when we got to the self-catering cottage. A great place to stay in Beeford. Very welcoming to dogs and so many little extras - including a home made loaf of bread, cheese thin biscuits for the dog, some cake and then more cake and biscuits when we left!

We were their third customers as they have just opened this season. So, if you want a place to go - nearish the sea and not too far from York where they love dogs. Get on the list quick before everyone else finds out about them. Ashlea Studio

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