Friday, 25 April 2014

Head down and getting to work

This week I began to feel like all the things I have committed to were getting out of control. Partially because of all the extra adventures and running around and then the Easter Holidays.
So, I just got my head down and worked. I knew there were several things 'nearly done' but because they weren't completely done, they were still on the List. If I could cross off one or two of them, I could get perspective again. So apologies for abandoning you.

One thing I needed to do before the worry of it began to overwhelm was to actually get a start on the Garment for Fashion Sans Frontieres (FSF). Not sure if I mentioned, but when I was at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, I spoke to the organiser of FSF and found out I was supposed to have already been invited to participate! I had thought perhaps they didn't want the same ones 2 years running. So, getting the right idea and getting a start had to be quite close together. Normally the bit about getting the right idea is a lengthy time which also involves working out construction ideas and possible issues before I begin.

So, anyway, the Pattern Review forum is having a contest about embellishing a tank top or 'shell'/ basic sleeveless bodice. I thought I could use that stimulus for motivation for the FSF garment. If I have a basic bodice already embellished, I would have got a start and the rest would begin to come together.

So, I pulled out some fabrics and ideas, spent a day drafting and cutting out and now the pressure of starting has eased.

Then I got my head down and finished some of the 'nearly done' things which I will show you over a few days while I get back to concentrating on the bodice. The Challenge contest runs to the end of April. I think I will have done enough for the contest by then, and can carry on further if it needs it when it comes to the rest of the Garment.

Or that's the theory.

Oh, and this will be worn by a model. So, that pressure on me won't be added. This year they have asked for details by the end of June. Which is wise of them so they can plan the Fashion show and so we won't be working to the last days before the show.

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Celia said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Funny you should comment on the dragon as I met the Cloud Puppy at Greenham this week - very cute! You and your colleauges have produced some very interesting and stimulating work.