Thursday, 10 April 2014

Contemporary Quilt Journal Quilts 2013

The main reason I was at the ExCel last week was to help steward the Contemporary Quilt 2013 Journal Quilt Exhibition. It is a wonderful way to encourage people to get interested and have a go with textiles.

One of the letters I had sent in for making new banners has been used on this new horizontal banner.
They are still in the process of making a vertical one and doing a few other things. So, perhaps some of the others may show up.

Here is my 'Y'.

And I think this is all of the quilts. I may have got the order mixed. People were invited to send 2 out of their 2013 journals. I did offer, but somehow the email got lost. No worries though because 2 of them got an outing somewhere (Exeter?) last year.
Again apologies for photo quality. I think I still had it on burst and the quilts had very strong lights directed on them. I better check my camera is back to normal!

---And AH HA! I think I have worked out a trick to get photos to sit next to one another by messing about in the html!

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