Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April Journal Quilt - QE II

March's journal quilt is being hand stitched in front of cooking shows in the evening...nearly done.

But here is April's Journal quilt. I am still doing pieces with a British theme. Eventually they will go to my son where ever he decides to settle.

So for this I took photos of a stamp and a £5 note. Then enlarged the image, printed it out and traced it onto fabric using the light box.

The next step was to sketch in the shading and so on with a pencil on the fabric. And then sketch further with thread on the machine.
I chose a few built in patterns on my machine to add elements to the quilt which made reference to the money.

She looks a bit older than on the £5 note. It was a bit difficult to do the shading without it looking like a 5 o'clock shadow! On the money, there is crosshatching in an arc across the whole face, but I didn't want to do that.

But my husband says it looks like her...which is what counts if it will eventually be hung on a wall somewhere.

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