Monday, 14 April 2014

Last week at the seaside - inspiration

East Yorkshire

Galloping horse and pony
after about 2 of these runs back and forth, Holly thought it must be something she should do as well... she wouldn't be chasing them, would she? So we had to put her on the lead til they were done.

natural squiggles

toast-look rock
or perhaps a brick from the erosion in the storm surges here in early December. It was a bit too big for me to lug up and down the beach in my rucksack.

The whole width of the paved road/track which travelled along the land above the beach and some ground between it and the edge it was lost. They have had to make a new track with gravel to give access for some of the things further along. A good deal of the car park was gone, too. I didn't think to get photos, but they wouldn't have really made sense unless you had a before photo.

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