Sunday, 6 April 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 1-5 April

2014 - remainder of Week 14 Daily Beads

I posted the last of the March beads on Thursday.

The April beads will be orange with blue fabric packets. After trying out different starting sizes, (February beads started at 1in square.) I have made these starting at 1 1/2 in square, and then folded up so all raw edges are enclosed.

One side has these 'bridges'. The other side has the little stacks like the February Beads.






The difficult thing this time has been that the wonderful orange fabric I chose is a sort of cotton poplin and so hard to stitch through. I have had to go with a slightly thicker needle in order to get it through the fabric. And even then, sometimes I am using the threaded end against the cutting mat to push through. Something to consider for future fabric packets.

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Linda M said...

Very clever little bridges. Careful pushing the needle through with the cutting mat, I've done it and had the needle break.