Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Refahioning a refashion

A long time ago, I used a velvet skirt to cut out flowers and make arrangements to applique to my version of a bog coat.*

all the excess is folded in like two big tucks in the back.

That long ago!

But I never did like how short it was in the front. With a skirt it was fine, but with trousers not so happy.

Happily, bog coats have plenty of room and it still fits me. But I dislike the shortness even more.

A while back I was sorting my cupboards and found that I still had one panel of the velvet skirt.
The other day, I realised I could add some sort of band to the bottom and I would be happier.
So, I cut 2 6inch wide strips. I stitched them together folded lengthwise and started pleating them onto the bottom of the bog coat. A bit of stitching...

And now, I like it much better.

Slightly peplum-ish but not over the top.

*There are instructions for a very simple version here. You can use it as a starting place to create your own!

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