Tuesday, 15 April 2014

a bit of fun at the seaside

Whilst I am working on a couple things...

more seaside photos to give you a smile.

Digging for crab legs.
'Yum! If you follow this scent, you discover something to munch.'

I am sure she must have had at least a whole crab's worth of the little legs she found. She did find a big claw, but by that time was being more easily persuaded not to eat them.

Holly discovers the sea.
'Oops! It's coming after me!'

She had never been to the sea, but loves to run through water when my husband takes her on long walks. This was unexpected, that the water would attack.

Later she got to run through the water like she wanted with this bit of sea that was separated by a sandbar.

There were several WWII bunker ruins.
'Catch me if you can!'

This ruin could be entered at one side and was like a maze where you came out in a totally different place. She loved it. My husband was trying to get her to come, which she is usually good at. She kept going in the one door, through the bit we couldn't get into and out the other side. Then she would race round under this bit and do it all over again!

So fun to have a dog to enjoy your holiday with again.

And I think after last week, I am now on her list of people who count. Today she came and sat by my chair in here because someone was drilling and hammering in next door's garden and she wasn't quite sure about it. (Up til now, she has mostly ignored me during the day...and tolerated me patting her as I went past doing things.)

I should have some work to show tomorrow!

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Living to work - working to live said...

Ah Sandy. For some dogs it just takes time for them to build up trust. It must be a bit hard for you when she is attached to your husband but she looks like one happy mutt so I am sure you will all get there in the end.