Thursday, 17 April 2014

more in East Yorkshire

While we were on holiday we stopped in one of the little towns near the sea*. Someplace my husband's mother had been and was asking about. So, I sat in the car (having used up all the energy on the beach) while my husband and the dog checked it out for her. Apparently something they remember existing at some point in the past is no longer there. So, reporting and discussion ensued.

Ahead of me was one of the beacons.

I love the history and cleverness of having a basket shape on a pole so warnings could be passed quickly from one place to the other. Especially as in this case for coastal defence.

I love the shape, too. Perhaps I will print one of these out to blue tac to one of the cupboards in my studio until it finds its way into another work.

Also whilst out and about, there were sightings of several mysterious cream phone boxes.
This one was in Beverley.

My husband says the red ones are owned by BT (British Telecom). In this area they are owned by the Kingston Communication area from its base in Hull and this is England's only independent telephone service.

You may recall I posted photos of yellow phone boxes on Guernsey when we had gone there for our 25th wedding anniversary.

This gadget was also sighted in Beverley.
I think I may have seen one of these before, but I really haven't a clue what it is. Any ideas?


*I am sorry I have forgotten the name of the town. One of the hardest things to cope with for this fibromyalgia is that when you have used up your energy, you generally have a terribly muddled memory. I hate it, but if people are willing to wait for me to rummage round in my head for the word - it is in there, just takes a while to find it. But in cases like this, I am not willing to use up more energy to try to find it. This week energy is needed for other things.
Yes I could look on the map, but oh well, it was a little town by the sea. No big deal.
Perhaps the best plan would just be to go to bed now, wouldn't it? And so I shall.

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