Wednesday, 9 April 2014

ICHF Creative Stitches Fashion Show

One of the highlights of the shows put on by ICHF is the Fashion Show. I used to go up to their exhibition at the NEC in March, but haven't been able to for a while. So, this was a good treat. I was meant to be stewarding, but my colleague encouraged me to go have a look.

Apologies in advance for photo quality. It is never easy to catch models on a catwalk because you can't always work out what they will do next. Eventually I worked out how to get the burst setting on my camera, but some of these girls let their nerves move them almost too quick to see the garments!

In order not to overload this post, I have put some of the collections together in one image. I also didn't catch all the makers of the work.
Young designer collection

Inkberrow student collection

felted collection

A student collection

They also had items from some of the vendors.

Accessories - I didn't catch the vendor's name.

Sew LaDiDa Vintage- It was good to see these on a person. I spoke to the pattern designer at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. The styles are based on the eras when curvy ladies were the norm. You can see that even though she drafts for the modern figure, they do suit curvy girls better.

A collection by Ruth Brown who does all the wonderful surface design like cyanotype, etc. These garment showcase her fabrics.

These were presented as Rugs you could wear...they had a storyline about taking them along to a sleepover and you'd be all set! They were about extreme textiles...the vendor sells HUGE knitting needles and so on!

There was also a collection showcasing fabric from the Rosenburg's stand, but I didn't do well with trying to catch photos of them.

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